Currently there are 17,000 investment agencies and counting within the U.S. Are you interested in investment banking? Have you already started on that career path? If so, then you know that one of the necessary exams to help you succeed is the Series 82 exam that provides the appropriate licensing. This type of licensing has a broad scope for licensees in that they are expected to thoroughly understand how all types of debt, equity, as well as other securities are underwritten, analyzed, and offered to various investors. Private placements and private securities are investments that only a select group of investors are offered. In order to take advantage of those investments and offer clients investment services that are attractive, you need Series 82 licensing.

Are You Fully Registered?

Many MandA professionals and investment bankers think that the Series 79 exam is the only one required by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. But in order to get a FINRA investment banking license, you may also need the Series 82 exam, otherwise known as the Securities Industry Essential Exam, or SIE. In order to become officially registered, you may need to take the Series 82 exam too, which can be expensive. A Series 82 sponsorship from a middle market investment banking firm can assist with expenses so you are capable of taking FINRA licensing exams that can get you licensed and fully registered.

Exams for FINRA licensing show the competence of securities professionals in their specific field. Before any investment banking can be accomplished by broker dealers, they must pass the exams. No licensing is given unless all of the necessary exams are passed. Exams, including the broker dealer exam, cover a wide range of topics and ensures that people taking the tests are competent in regards to the markets, the securities industry, as well as the industry’s structure.

The exams ensure that individuals are knowledgeable concerning the regulations and rules of FINRA as well as the regulations and rules of other organizations that are self-regulatory too. The intent behind the Series 82 exam is meant to ensure people taking it are ready to become securities professionals with at least a minimal level of understanding and expertise before they enter the field and assist others. Getting a Series 82 sponsorship helps you get one step closer to your licensure.

What Other Reasons Are There for Getting FINRA Exam Sponsorship?

A Series 82 sponsorship is necessary for individuals that need assistance with the costly exam. There are also registration fees that add up to make examination costs even more expensive. With those expenses adding up, it can be quite difficult to advance your career. That’s when a Series 82 sponsorship becomes quite attractive. You get the sponsorship you need so you can keep your attention and focus on passing the exam to become certified without worrying about the cost.

Sponsorships provided by middle market banking investment firms in consideration of FINRA exams means that they will pay your testing fees and submit your individual info to FINRA’s CRD, Central Registration Depository. A Series 82 sponsorship through this type of firm gives 120 days to pass exams and keeps you from restarting the process and paying a new fee each time. Once you have passed the exam, or exams if you’re taking the Series 79 too, you may then be eligible for registration with the company that sponsored you. They may also assume the responsibility for supervising ongoing activities in which you are a part of within the industry too.

Correct Securities Licensing Is Essential

Operating your own broker dealer is intensive and can be very expensive too. Starting your own brand doesn’t have to be difficult when you engage with middle market investment firms that will work with you by providing a Series 82 sponsorship as well as sponsorships for other essential exams. Speak with friendly associates to learn more about their sponsorship offerings.