Nearly 64% of smaller businesses are known to be struggling financially. Investment bankers may want to help them, but they require an independent contractor status with a firm that would give them the ability to operate their business under the firm’s trade name. First, an investment banking license is needed and can only be acquired by taking FINRA exams. Any type of securities professional is required to pass qualifying exams administered via the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. FINRA licensing exams validate a securities professional’s competence. There are different types of FINRA exams that need to be passed before you can begin engaging in investment banking. If you want to be a certified broker dealer with a FINRA investment banking license to prove you are accredited, you will want to learn more about FINRA exam sponsorship.


A Broad Range of Topics for an Investment Banking License Are Covered in Different Exams

A broker dealer exam is just one of the exams covering a broad range of investment banking topics. A wide range of topics ensures that people going into their specific field are more than competent regarding the securities industry, markets, and the regulatory structure. When seeking an investment banking license, you will need to be thoroughly knowledgeable concerning FINRA regulations and rules as well as the regulations and rules of various self-regulatory organizations. The whole point of the exam is to make sure that individuals are ready to become securities professionals with at least a minimal level of understanding and experience before they enter the field to assist others.


Exam Sponsorship Helps in Many Ways

Do you believe that the Series 79 exam is the only one that you will need or that is required by FINRA to be fully registered? This belief is not exactly true. The Series 79 exam is the most popular, but you could be required to take other FINRA exams to get your specific type of investment banking license, as well. Other types of exams that may be required include the Securities Industry Essential exam, or the Series 7 exam. Regardless of which exam or exams you need to take, using a sponsorship is advised. The process starts by consulting with a sponsor that can steer you in the right direction concerning which exams you are required to take in association with your business model.


Use Top Exam Sponsorships to Earn an Investment Banking License

Becoming a licensed security professional doesn’t have to be difficult. With a sponsor in place, you can actually save money on costly exams and registration fees. The cost can make it quite difficult to get your licensing. Exam sponsorships give you the opportunity to focus on passing exams to become certified instead of worrying about the cost.


You want an active financial firm regulated by FINRA to sponsor you. They will cover testing fees for your exams and also submit your information to the Central Registration Depository of FINRA. You will then have 120 days to pass exams without otherwise having to restart the process and pay a new fee. Once you have passed the exams, you are eligible for registration with your sponsor. A sponsor for exams will work with you after your licensed and assume responsibility for supervising any ongoing activities within the industry.