The struggle to maintain your independence while becoming a certified broker dealer can be a challenge. Broker dealers in Atlanta are making life easier by turning to the source that will deliver the FINRA exam sponsorship that they need and help them to stay independent.

Becoming a certified broker dealer starts with the broker dealer exam which of course you need sponsorship for. Many broker dealers do not want to give up their independence but they do want to get their certifications in line, the right FINRA exam sponsorship can be the perfect solution.

The Competition

There are over 17,000 broker dealers in the United States. The competition is fierce, ensuring that you get your certifications ASAP is a necessity. Staying independent relies heavily on your ability to compete with the other independent certified broker dealers in your region.

The fact is with SEC restrictions as tight as they are, it is imperative that you are able to secure sponsorship for the FINRA licensing exams. In some cases, sponsorship can mean having to give up your independence, which of course, is not the best-case scenario for a small business that is trying to get a foothold in the markets.

You Can Stay Independent

Some broker dealers make the mistake of thinking there is only one route to becoming a certified broker dealer. They believe that you have to work for someone else to get the sponsorship for an investment banking license. The fact is you do not.

Many brokers want to be able to run their own shop, which is fine, but it can be difficult to be able to run your own shop and find the perfect sponsorship deal. Finding a balance between the two is possible if you know where to turn for support.

You can stay independent, grow your own business, while enjoying the sponsorship of a well-established house that focuses on helping you keep your independence.

The Best of Both Worlds

You can do what other broker dealers have done and tap into the support that you need while keeping your own business name and building your business. Bridge Capital Associates is the solution you have been searching for. Contact Bridge Capital Associates today to get the sponsorship and support you need without having to give up one ounce of your independence.