Those who are serious about being in the financial industry need special licenses, such as the FINRA investment banking license. This is an important license that allows professionals to use their skills and knowledge to manage finances for both individuals and businesses. Getting this licensing actually takes a lot of hard work and a lot of study.

What Is the FINRA Investment Banking License?

The FINRA investment banking license is another name for the Series 79 license. This is the most important licensing that any financial expert can get. The Series 79 license allows professionals to register with FINRA to perform all sorts of financial services, such as financial restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.

FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This is a private corporation and as a self-regulatory organization. FINRA issues multiple types of financial licensing, but the FINRA investment banking license is arguably the most important. This license allows for a broad range of financial services to e performed.

However, obtaining the FINRA investment banking license is not easy. In fact, some professionals study and work for years before they obtain this license and embark on their career in finance.

FINRA Licensing Exams

In order to obtain a FINRA investment banking license, professionals must pass the Series 79 exam. This is a very lengthy and in-depth exam that tests all kinds of different financial knowledge. Many professionals who take this exam have already gone to business school or graduated from a four-year college of some type after studying economics and/or finances.

The Series 79 exam is not the same as a broker dealer exam. There are several types of financial exams. FINRA provides various resources and information for all professionals who are interested in taking these types of exams. The FINRA investment banking license covers a wide umbrella of financial services, and this is why so many professionals seek to obtain this type of license when they’re in a financial field. You can always take additional exams in order to get other types of licensing if you are a professional in the financial services industry.

Under investing and other money matters is a huge bonus for anyone involved in business. According to research, up to 64% of all small businesses are struggling financially. That means that more than half of all small businesses are struggling. Anyone who understands the intricacies of investing and other financial matters can possibly turn a business that’s struggling into one that’s highly profitable and highly functioning. There are lots of ways to use money to make money and lots of ways to make a business more lucrative. A professional who truly understands finances can provide lots of insight into how businesses can find success. This includes broker dealers and other types of financial professionals.

With a FINRA investment banking license, there are many different ways that professionals can apply their financial skills and expertise to a number of business tasks. It’s smart to et this licensing for all financial professionals because it opens the door to many different professional opportunities.