The Series 79 exam is very important for those looking to invest in a career in finance. The exam can open doors to high-paying jobs in commerce as well as the potential to grow.

With your career in investment banking, you can reach many opportunities. Work in some of the top financial industries and offer services in mergers, acquisitions, tenders, financial restructuring, and the selling of assets.

Below, you will find some frequently asked questions about the series 79 exam.

What jobs are accessible with a series 79 license?

With a series 79 license, you have a variety of work options, and they pay top dollar.

  • Investment banking analyze
  • Corporate director
  • Investment banking vice president
  • Senior associate investment banking

As we’ve mentioned, the potential to grow is one benefit of the series 79 sponsorship and exam.

Can I take the series 79 exam without having taken the SIE exam?

Yes, you can. However, in most cases, candidates would first take the SIE exam and then progress to the series 79.

Do I need a series 79 sponsorship to take the exam?

If you plan to take the series 79 exam before taking the SIE exam, then yes, you’d need a sponsorship. Pass the SIE exam to proceed to the next part of your license.

Is the series 79 exam on paper or computerized?

With the advancement of technology, computerized exams are a standard procedure. The series 79 exam is a computerized test hosted at a Prometric testing center.

How long do I wait before I can take the test?

There is a waiting period of 120 days. After registering to write the exam, the next thing to do is set the date at the Prometric testing center. Arrange for your test date ahead of schedule.

What topics are covered in the series 79 exam?

There are four major topics covered in the exam, and these include the following:

  • Market trends analysis, capital structure and metrics
  • Due diligence by identification in the form of documentations in private or public sectors
  • Side-by-side transaction analysis of tenders, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Underwriting

How many questions in the series 79 exam?

If you’ve already gotten your series 79 sponsorship, you’re probably wondering about the exam questions. There are a total of 75 multiple choice questions and 10 additional questions.

With more than 17,000 investment agencies in the United States, finding a job with a series 79 license is easier.