When it comes to investing, many options are out there. You can go the do-it-yourself route or work with a broker-dealer. But who is a broker-dealer? Broker-dealers are investment companies in buying, selling, and servicing investment products for clients. Broker-dealers are also known as BDS. They, therefore, need to have an investment banking license. Here are four perks of working with a broker-dealer:

1. Professional Advice and Guidance

Working with a broker-dealer will mean getting professional advice and guidance. This is because they work with companies and other professionals who can provide you, the investor, with investment knowledge. Broker-dealers also have the connections to get real market research to help you make better investing decisions.

2. Access to More Investment Options

Working with a broker-dealer will also give you access to many different investment options. Some of the most popular investments include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. However, you also have access to fixed annuities and money market accounts with a broker-dealer. They also might be able to help with alternative investments tailored to specific groups or professions such as physicians.

3. Active Monitoring

When you work with a broker-dealer, they will monitor your investments for you. This means that there is no work for you to do outside of your initial investment. They monitor the markets and ensure that your money stays invested until it reaches its intended purpose.

4. Value Proposition

The last perk to working with a broker-dealer is their value proposition. This means that they can offer you the necessary investment knowledge and tools in addition to having all of the resources available for you. They also have access to experts in different disciplines to tailor their advice to your specific needs. If you were to try accessing all of these resources on your own, it would take up a lot more time, effort, and money.

If you are thinking about investment options, consider working with a broker-dealer. These investment professionals are trained and hold an investment banking license which means you can trust their investment advice and guidance. A broker-dealer will help you manage your investment portfolio to meet all of your needs. Are you looking for a broker-dealer you can trust? Call us today to get started on your investment portfolio!